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Revolutionizing urban mobility using three wheels
Gleam Technologies

Last year, Vienna-based Gleam Technologies launched a three-wheeled multi-use cargo bike with its proprietary and patented tilting technology DTT (Dynamic Tilting Technology). Unlike conventional cargo bikes, which, when loaded, often exhibit handling characteristics that take some getting used to when cornering, while on inclines or when starting or braking, the Gleam bike leans into every curve and the cargo remains horizontal.

In conjunction with the installed full suspension, this always guarantees safe loading, even over bumpy, sloping roads and curbs. A simple click system, the Fast Lock Extension System (FLEX), allows the loading area of the multi-use bike to be adjusted in seconds. Cargo boxes can be swapped in no time at all. As a tricycle, it has full maneuverability but stands and rides particularly stably and is easy to handle when loading, unloading and parking. With a slim width of 80cm, it fits on any bike path.

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