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Ingram Micro’s Black Friday preparations include a new slide tray sorter LR
Equinox Material Handling Equipment BV

Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services in the Netherlands has purchased a slide tray sorter LR from Equinox Material Handling Equipment. This sorter helps them to handle the hundreds of thousands of parcels and packages received per day during the holiday season.

To efficiently handle all these orders, Ingram Micro CLS currently uses two sorters. The first was installed 10 years ago. This split tray sorter is used to sort various types of parcels and envelopes. The installation was later expanded with a slide tray sorter, which is used as an inbound sorter and handles e-commerce products.
Florian Broerse, logistics engineer at Ingram Micro CLS, says, “Innovation ensures that we can realize our customers’ demands even during peak seasons. expects a significant rise in inbound shipments leading up to Black Friday and Christmas.

In order to meet their expectations, we turned to Equinox for a solution. The biggest challenge in this project was the short delivery time – the sorter had to be installed in only a few months.”
The first suggestion was the upgrade and move of the existing slide tray sorter. This would prolong the system’s lifespan by a few years. However, it soon became clear that a new slide tray sorter LR was a better and more viable alternative.

“By installing a new machine instead of moving the existing one, we have eliminated downtime,” Broerse continues. “The existing slide tray sorter can be used while the new slide tray sorter LR is being installed. This option saves us three weeks of downtime. The solution therefore enables us to guarantee a continuous process.”

This modular sorter will be installed before Black Friday. Before installation at the customer’s site, this slide tray sorter LR will be showcased on the Equinox booth at the expo.

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