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Verify age-restricted deliveries

Scandit’s newest ID Scanning software is designed for courier and last-mile companies. It helps verify the identification of the recipient for age-restricted deliveries such as alcohol or tobacco via any smart device equipped with a camera. In many countries, verifying the ID of the recipient is a legal requirement and is increasingly a compliance consideration for delivery companies.

Scandit’s enterprise-grade ID Scanning software enables data capture from barcode scanning, text via optical character recognition (OCR), machine-readable zones (MRZ), PDF417 codes and biometric RFID chips. The software can scan passports, ID cards and driver’s licenses.

The latest version of the software includes the capability to scan passports and some EU identity cards via the MRZ using a web browser, in addition to native applications.

With home delivery volumes surging as a result of the pandemic, with few signs of slowing down, decreasing drivers’ dwell times is a key efficiency consideration for last-mile companies. In the US alone, alcohol demand has increased by around 30% due to Covid-19, according to Nielsen. Giving drivers the right tools to complete their proof of delivery efficiently and without breaches of legislation is essential. ID Scanning on a smartphone provides a fast and secure way for drivers to verify the recipient’s age in a contactless manner and record the data to ensure all compliance requirements are met. With all information parsed on the spot, drivers can quickly confirm the ID and move on to their next delivery. All data extraction and processing is done entirely on the device to ensure data privacy.

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