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More efficient sorting and picking

Meet up with Geek+ representatives at Parcel+Post Expo 2021 and see smart sorting and picking robots in action. Find out how autonomous mobile robots, AI and dynamic software can be integrated to provide accurate deliveries and efficient e-commerce logistics, bringing robotics-powered flexibility to the world of post and parcel.

See the S20C conveyor-top sorting robot for small to mid-size parcel sortation seamlessly integrate with conveyor technology to ensure efficient and safe sorting of parcels, and find out how picking robot P500R supports warehouse employees through the intelligent organization of inventory and the transfer of ordered goods from inventory to the workstation, for efficient and accurate picking. Powered by intelligent software and guided by QR codes, Geek+ autonomous mobile robot solutions will choose the optimal route and only operate robots carrying parcels or racks, optimizing the use of energy and space.

As the ever-growing demand for more e-commerce, fast and accurate deliveries, and flexible supply chains puts pressure on the essential services of the post and parcel industry, Geek+ has committed to providing solutions that solve logistics bottlenecks and deliver the efficiency needed to help companies scale operations and grow flexibly.

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