Efficient, environmentally friendly unloading systems
Alfi Technologies

Alfi Technologies is a leading provider of unloading systems for cages, pallets and cardboard. With references all over the world, the company’s strategy is to focus on easy-to-maintain, environmentally friendly, fully electric equipment that provides a quiet and energy-efficient solution.

The company will be at Parcel+Post Expo to tell visitors why it is at the heart of innovative solutions for parcel processing, notably for the automation tipper feeding, thanks to dedicated conveyors, unfoiling stations and automated shuttles that load and bring the pallets or containers to the tipper.

Alfi also offers singulation units (manual or robotic) with capacity of up to 4,500p/h and fully integrated into the unloading solution.

These solutions benefit from animation and flow simulation services that allow customers to validate the integration of the solution in its final environment, ensuring that it meets the most stringent specifications.

Customer support and assistance services allow Alfi's customers to get the most out of their solutions. The use of 4.0 technologies, including an IoT platform, helps users perform maintenance operations, order spare parts and track key machine indicators.

Booth: 11.410

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