Innovative crossbelt sorter
Armstrong Dematic

Armstrong Dematic is one of the world's leading intralogistics and warehouse automation solutions providers. The company’s AI-driven business intelligence (BI) solutions are designed to help businesses improve productivity and increase profits.

Polaris, Armstrong Dematic’s innovative crossbelt sorter (CBS), can help distribution centers meet promotional peaks, process returns and maintain storage capacity. It can safely move parcels to the desired destinations, with access to maximum PIN codes, making it ideally suited to the parcel and courier, 3PL, e-commerce and retail industries.

Other benefits include a high sorting throughput (up to 48,000 parcels/hour), 99.96% sorting accuracy, zero missorts, AI- and BI-enabled software for large-scale data processing, seamless integration with WMS and a compact footprint.

Combining next-generation warehouse technology with BI software not only quadruples throughput, but also reduces manpower to one-third of the original force.

To find out more about how Polaris can make operations faster, smarter and cheaper, head to Armstrong Dematic’s booth.

Booth: 10.420

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