Products on Show

Electric delivery vehicles

Kyburz Switzerland AG is ready to show its latest electric delivery vehicles at the upcoming Parcel+Post Expo. This year’s focus is on enhanced delivery options.

The Kyburz DXP-RR allows postal services to reach rural areas where roads are not always smooth and even. Its reinforced chassis and suspension, stronger drivetrain with more power, and overall hardening open up use cases where standard delivery vehicles reach their limits. Carrying over 100kg in payload with spacious box solutions, letter and parcel delivery can be extended in suburban and rural areas or to the last hut in the middle of nowhere. The DXP-RR’s flexible battery configuration adapts to any postal route, from 30km to well over 100km.

For parcel distribution and goods delivery on the last mile in cities and microhub infrastructures, the new Kyburz PAH-W postal trailer with swap containers supports future delivery models. The containers can be pre-loaded and buffered in microhubs, where drivers load their boxes onto the Kyburz PAH-W in just a few seconds and start their deliveries. Once finished, the next container is swapped for the empty one. In combination with the Kyburz DXCargo delivery vehicle, the total payload exceeds 300kg with a load volume of more than 2m3.

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