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Semi-automated parcels singulation module

Converting bulk into singulated flow has always been one of the most challenging aspects of automated parcel sortation. Historically, there have been two options: either a manual (time-consuming) approach or an automated solution with an associated price tag.

Enter NPI’s semi-automated parcels singulation module (patent pending), capable of induction of up to 8,000 PPH (assumes 6in [152mm] average package length and NPI sortation equipment) and handling a wide array of product types from polybags to boxes.

The NPI induction module includes a semi-automatic induction table, independent power control panel, PLC and NPI’s touchscreen operator control panel. Additional options include a dumper and hopper to discharge gaylord boxes, pallets and carts. It can be used to feed a single induction lane or split the load between two induction lanes by smart-sensing available space on each lane and directing product flow accordingly.

The module can run in a variety of different modes that allow for optimum induction based on product type. This can include combinations of fast automatic induction, slow automatic induction and a manual pull mode. Programmable options on the touchscreen operator control panel allow employees to optimize flow by easily switching between modes based on product type.

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