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EV charging stations
IES Synergy

With a delivered power of 24kW (DC) or 22kW (AC), the KEYWATT 24 Station will charge all EVs on the market in 1-1.5 hours. Two charging points are available thanks to the simultaneous charge capability. Compatible with disabled access, with a small surface footprint and usable against a wall, the station is an ideal solution to provide fast charging points at shopping centers, restaurants, parking areas or any other public environments. Connected wirelessly via OCPP 1.6, upgrades, supervision and operation can be done remotely in a smart and optimized way.

Capable of communicating with all vehicles on the market, IES Synergy’s software incorporates new features such as remote reservation, vehicle detection, 15 new languages and smart charging. This latter feature allows holders of charging stations to save energy by customizing their charging parameters. For example: the power is delivered during the day, depending on the subscription prices or the production of solar panels; load distribution according to the number of vehicles connected to stations; charging several vehicles simultaneously in real time.

The evolution of electric mobility is no longer based solely on vehicles but also on the connectivity and intelligence of charging stations. These must now be able to communicate with all types of vehicles, as well as the operator’s server, while allowing remote supervision. As a result, the performance of the software is as important as the electronics of the charging station.

IES Synergy develops 100% of its solutions (software, electronics, mechanics), which enables it to intervene quickly according to customer needs, whether it is a question of maintenance or evolution of technologies. Two modems undertake operation and maintenance actions daily for optimized updates without loss of service.

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