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Smart lockers in the pandemic

During the last dark months, technological innovation played a pivotal role in providing business continuity and sustainable solutions in an unprecedented pandemic environment. The crucial point was the surprising acceleration in the speed of adoption of these technologies and how quickly the public managed to get used to new practices. Just think about how widespread and developed video conferences and online groceries shopping became in a relatively short time. These habits are not going anywhere – quite the opposite.

In the last year we witnessed an unparalleled peak in online shopping, accompanied by evident logistical difficulties due also to the need to minimize contact between employees and customers. Many e-commerce platforms focused on the reconfiguration of last-mile handling, with parcel lockers providing an automated solution. Major companies in the automotive industry implemented Ermes’ smart lockers for tools and device management and contactless exchange of materials between production departments.

While social distancing measures have driven people to shop online for groceries, a renewed interest in work-life balance has emerged, with time saving becoming a central issue for corporate welfare. In this context, smart lockers are a great time-saving tool: Ermes offered its temperature-controlled solutions to companies that wanted to allow employees to receive parcels and groceries while they are still in their offices, as a benefit.

Pirelli, a global leader in tire production, chose Ermes’ solution for its CYCL-e Around e-bike-sharing initiative, an ecological means of transport to move between offices and commute to work. The tire maker is using these lockers – integrated into its systems via API – to manage the handling of helmets and other safety equipment.

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