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Wearable, hands-free scanning
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The wearable Handheld RS60 ring scanner is a comfortable hands-free scanning solution for the warehouse. Designed to be worn on either the right or left hand, this lightweight powerhouse excels at intensive scanning tasks so your workforce can maximize productivity while keeping their hands free.

The RS60 ring scanner is easy to pair with a mobile computer using the Android ring control app and the option of either scanning a barcode or NFC tap to pair. With integrated BT Class 1, you can stay connected to devices – like a forklift-mounted tablet or a holstered handheld – up to 100m away.

Your scanning tasks might be anywhere: up-front retail, in the warehouse or on the move. It could be an all-day shift requiring a lightweight scanning solution, or one in tight spaces needing point-and-scan dexterity. For less-intensive scanning tasks, an optional USB-C bracket makes it easy to keep your scanner handy with a lanyard around your neck or on your belt.

Whichever is doing the moving – your hand or the packages passing on a conveyer belt – the RS60 ring scanner’s 2D imager handles speeds of up to 6.0m/s, accurately capturing fast-moving barcodes. Powered by the Honeywell N6703 1D/2D barcode scan engine, the RS60 ring scanner offers the convenience of a wearable and the efficiency of a traditional scanner.

The RS60 wearable ring scanner is small and lightweight, but don’t let its small size fool you. Weighing less than 57g, the RS60 ring scanner packs a wallop. And it comes with programmable LEDs for perfect integration and customization.

The RS60 ring scanner is rugged enough to go everywhere and work in even the most rugged warehouse environments. Tested to IP65 dust and water resistance and operating from 0-50°C, it can survive multiple drops onto concrete. And even in noisy work environments, the buzzer is loud enough to ensure you’ll hear successful scans.

Working for more than a full shift with a long-life battery and equipped with BT v4.2 supporting BLE, the RS60 ring scanner’s run time is up to 11 hours. Smart accessories including a four-slot charging station and an eight-slot battery charger help maximize your run time.

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