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Trolleys for post offices and post carriers
Logistica Paggiola

Logistica Paggiola’s new Twice Service Trolley belongs to the lean manufacturing product range. It is suitable for two purposes: first, the handling of parcels and plastic boxes in the internal workflow of post offices. The Twice Service Trolley meets the needs of post offices to move heavy parcels and plastic boxes in crowded, small spaces and narrow aisles. The trolley measures less than 50cm (20in) in width and is equipped with an ergonomic handle to assure safe working practices and to go beyond the legal occupational health and safety requirements.

The second purpose is the preparation of the postal carrier’s daily service. The daily service is prepared using the trolley, which becomes the only working tool needed to prepare and carry the bags containing letters and parcels to the transport vehicle (bicycle, scooter, minivan, etc), thus avoiding heavy and unsafe operations.
Once the trolley is empty, it is returned to the collection point and nested with the others, assuring an optimized space-saving plan, inspired by the supermarket cart.

The trolley comes with one hinged shelf. It is designed for safe, manual handling. Organization, precision and tidiness were the key concepts kept in mind while designing the trolley.

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