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Automated roll cages

In the post and parcel industry, the bar for meeting consumer demands is high. Short lead times, smaller orders, greater diversity of all product shapes and sizes and late cut-off times must all be balanced against a cost-effective operation. Eurotec manages this by supplying ultra-low AMRs to satisfy the demand for automation of roll cages.

The Lowpad can drive omnidirectionally, doesn’t require infrastructural changes for implementation and can work in the same environment as people. With the complementary software, the Lowpad can manage a fleet of AMRS and ensure process optimization through intelligent task planning.

The solution it offers can be applied to several processes including the handling of non-conveyable items, the supply of empty roll cages to sorter chutes, cross-docking and transporting loaded roll cages to the outbound area. As the Lowpad is widely applicable, the solution enables flexibility.

By automating horizontal transport tasks, CEP service providers no longer have to deploy scarce staff to waste time traveling long distances. Staff can work on value-adding tasks and Lowpads can take care of the boring, heavy, repetitive tasks.

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