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Case study: NBT optimizes sorting processes
Isitec International

NBT, also known as Norsk Bibliotektransport, is a full-scale logistics service supplier. Its main business is handling the transportation of books to libraries all over Norway, but it’s now turning to the parcel business to transport packages, internal mail and materials for private and public companies and the e-commerce sector. Not long ago, the sorting process was handled manually. However, as manual sorting of parcels is time intensive, NBT began looking for an automated sorting solution.

It needed an automatic or semi-automatic solution that could manage small items and big parcels up to 15kg. Aiming to sort books and packages with the same machine, it needed to sort with barcodes and allow manual filling. As NBT required a solution supplied by a company with long experience in parcel sorting, it chose the Isitec International sorting system.

Relying on its global partners, Isitec International provided a solution in partnership with Quadient Norway. The solution met all of NBT’s requirements. It is a flexible machine that had 15 different pick-up points at the start and now has 50. Equipped with different modules such as cameras, barcode readers and precise measurement tools, it runs an algorithm that manages the different operations in the sorting system. The program ensures that the right item is being shuffled to the right conveyor, eliminating potential human errors. The machine is easy to put in place – the research and installation phase only took four months. By having access to real-time monitoring and the operation’s history, NBT can now respond to the high demand and ensure the quality of its service.

Following the installation of the solution, NBT gained the capacity to double the number of parcels and the frequency of deliveries. By automating and optimizing the internal processes, it increased activity and reduced costs. The company’s main goal toward 2024 is to triple financial turnover and activity levels, and it is planning an expansion of the solution in collaboration with Isitec International and Quadient Norway.

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