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Unique, custom lockers
Cerera Technologies

Smart lockers help delivery services and retailers decrease the cost of last-mile delivery, as one truck can drop off a large number of packages at once. There is flexibility to where the lockers can be installed: stores, stadia, beaches, railway stations, etc.

The main advantage of Cerera Technologies’ parcel lockers is the company’s custom approach. The construction and software can be changed to include features designed directly for the client’s needs. Unique, semi-automated manufacturing and assembling make possible tailor-made equipment plus custom software and service, all while keeping to a competitive price.

The smart parcel locker can be used for sending and receiving parcels. This unmanned model works independently/ autonomously, needing no electricity supply and no internet connection. Next, the C-locker is a smart locker with temperature management for food delivery, which can be installed indoors or outdoors. The third locker type can be used in grocery stores to lock customers’ bags while they are doing their shopping. It works without keys, opening instead with a barcode.

Cerera Technologies is a creator of self-service technologies, located in Lviv, Ukraine. The company has been working in the international market for six years. Cerera Technologies is in partnership with German postal service provider ParcelLock GmbH.

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