Products on Show

Mailroom digitalization for last-yard delivery

PackageX is on a mission to dominate last-yard delivery and first-yard shipping for mail and packages. At Parcel+Post Expo, the company will showcase two product/technology capabilities: Mailroom and Dispatch.

Mailroom by PackageX automates mailroom operations for inbound deliveries and outbound shipping, focused on productivity, accountability, traceability, timeliness of deliveries and shipping choices. The SaaS offering transforms mailroom operations and the receiver/sender experience across commercial real estate, residential premises, co-working facilities, universities, corporate offices, virtual offices, warehouses, and more. It helps building operators stand out by enabling intelligent building operations and logistics automation while delivering the best possible experience and convenience for their occupants.

Mailroom has best-in-class package label OCR to scan and process deliveries within seconds. Its patent-pending deep learning AI algorithms understand text, barcodes and QR codes through smartphone cameras, and support 17 languages.

Dispatch by PackageX is a shipping marketplace for national and on-demand couriers. Dispatch is for retailers, businesses and individuals to price-shop shipping rates and generate shipping labels through an API-driven platform with e-commerce integrations, or simply use the Dispatch portal to create a shipment. Dispatch has a built-in notification module for email and SMS notifications. It currently supports USPS, UPS and FedEx for national shipments.

Dispatch powers its on-demand courier network through a marketplace portal. Anyone who can move the shipment from point A to point B can join the marketplace and offer their services to the Dispatch sender network. This service is already available in New York City.

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