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Posti chooses Mailroom Manager
Mailroom Assistant

For postal systems, a strong base is required: integrations are needed for information systems, various sorting equipment must be supported, data for track-and-trace and statistics must also be provided.

At Posti Group Finland, the Mailroom Manager back end has been integrated with the post’s existing information systems to enable OCR-based restmail sorting, merging of the machined and manual mail flow, registration of e-commerce parcels, and code- based manual mail sorting.

The Mailroom Manager back end from Mailroom Assistant allows the customer to select a suitable toolkit for various postal processes based on budget and value addition needs. Posti Group needed the OCR-based mSorter devices for convenient registration of e-commerce parcels with a single touch and automatic selection of the most cost-effective delivery methods.

“We expect this solution to bring us 50% cost savings in our e-commerce parcel process,” says Jukka Nevalainen, process manager at Posti Group Finland.

The post also wanted a budget solution for sorting coded mailpieces based on sorting machine sort plans. In this case, the mSorter Code Mini was the best solution. Integrated to the existing manual sorting furniture, it was able to extend the lifespan of the existing hardware.

In addition to this, dozens of smaller life-easing functions have been introduced with the help of the flexible and well-built back end. The latest addition – the barcode-based sorting solution – was added this year.

“Cooperation with the Mailroom Solutions team has been both smooth and convenient. We were surprised by their comprehensive knowledge of our business needs,” says Hannu Kolmonen, development manager at Posti Group Finland.

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