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100% deliveries on first attempt
Citibox Smart Services

Citibox is a parcel box solution that enables 100% first-attempt deliveries to any carrier in a more efficient and transparent way, and provides a better and more sustainable service to online shoppers in residential buildings. Citibox is also a cloud-based platform that can be updated to offer customized and adapted services to carriers and retailers without any disruption in its ecosystem or change in the box’s infrastructure.

Citibox enables any carrier to make 100% first-attempt deliveries in a unique spot in a building’s lobby. There is no need for delivery couriers to run through the building to find the consignee or alternative recipient for the package. It also means more packages can be delivered per vehicle, and fewer vehicles are needed for a specific volume of parcels. As a result, cities and communities enjoy cleaner air, and less noise and road congestion.

In other words, Citibox provides convenience for residents, productivity for couriers, transparency for retailers and more sustainable last-mile deliveries for cities and communities while making it possible to offer new, automated services through its platform.

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