Products on Show

Wide range of sorting technologies

MHS boasts technology for all sorting requirements, from the smallest to the highest productivity and capacity demands.

The company’s linear sorters, loop sorters and bidirectional sorters meet the challenges of the wide range of international express distribution centers. Visitors will discover the new double-cell version of MHS’s HC-Loop, a crossbelt sorting system that is particularly suitable for small items and high capacity. This fully automated, standalone solution can also handle so-called ‘non-conveyables’ (over-sized, irregular, etc) and enables very high productivity.

To further expand performance in key processes, MHS’s robotic singulation automated induction (RSAI) is designed to identify and pick individual items from bulk flow, sorting and placing packages in a properly oriented, single-file stream to feed downstream processes with speed, accuracy and efficiency. It is ideal for parcel processing operations handling large quantities of smaller packages.

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