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Weighing system with Active Vibration Compensation

Wipotec’s HC-FL-T catchweigher combines three hardware scales into six virtual scales that are all able to work independently of one another. The triple-scale design delivers a 60% throughput increase at the same speed compared with a double-scale design, while guaranteeing first-class performance and durability. Depending on the product length, the triple-scale catchweigher can weigh up to three products simultaneously. The triple scale has a transportation speed of up to 3.4m/s (11ft/s) with an accuracy to within 20g (0.7oz).

Sorting centers are noisy environments with a lot of vibration. Vibration presents a distinct challenge for dynamic weighing technology such as catchweighers and dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS) systems. The sorters and the transportation systems themselves generate vibrations with high amplitudes. These low-frequency vibrations with high signal levels influence and massively interfere with dynamic weight measurements.

WIPOTEC-OCS’s Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) solves vibration issues while enabling best-in-class weighing accuracy with the shortest product gaps and highest throughput speeds possible. The technology uses intelligent algorithms to ensure precise weighing results regardless of the sorting center’s vibration environment. AVC filters out ambient disturbances from the measuring results without any loss in weighing speed.

AVC is available as a retrofit option for existing WIPOTEC-OCS scale systems. Sorting and distribution centers that need to omit a support tower or have large environmental vibrations can benefit from an AVC retrofit.

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