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Voice assistance for mobile workers
German Autolabs

German Autolabs augments workflows by building highly relevant voice assistance solutions that speak the language of logistics.

Mobile workers in CEP operate in a dynamic environment where variables are constantly changing, from time-critical priority parcels and special delivery instructions, to traffic and weather conditions, and collection requests coming in throughout the day. It’s a job that demands high levels of mobility, which presents unique challenges. Professional drivers, couriers and delivery staff have to control the vehicle, process a lot of information on their handheld devices, and carry parcels to the door or unload trucks at the ramp.

One way to achieve more efficiency, higher delivery quality and improved safety is to augment these demanding workflows with a specific voice assistant for mobile workers that reduces the number of delivery errors and failures, proactively provides specific delivery instructions for every delivery, helps to navigate the best route and captures voice notes and problem reports related to delivery addresses.

In a recent pilot project, DHL Parcel UK, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and German Autolabs teamed up to build and test a voice assistant specifically built for delivery drivers. The result: drivers spend less time looking at their scanners while at the wheel, are more effective in delivery and less stressed at work. New drivers and temporary staff are onboarded more quickly and experience major benefits from a proactive assistance system.

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