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Mobile computers optimize workflows

Opticon has a new range of Android mobile computers: the Opticon H-28 and H-29. Mobile computers will be key for lifting industries in the next decade. They allow companies to optimize their workflow, among many other benefits. Opticon aims to launch scanning devices well into the future. Companies can benefit by delivering their services and products faster to the consumer, which enables a higher production level and an increase in profit.

The H-28 and H-29 are part of a series and share some features. Both the H-28 and the H-29 have a rugged, ergonomic and user- friendly design. The H-28 has a 5in TFT-LCD touchscreen, and the H-29 comes with an alphanumeric keypad.

The H-28 and H-29 are suitable for many areas in the industry such as logistics, postal and delivery. Beneath the smart design rests everything needed to excel in complex tasks. Both devices are described as high-performance Android mobile computers with a high-end 2D Opticon engine, and are reliable scanning devices. They provide a more efficient workflow, as their mobile nature enables faster communication between staff.

The high-resolution camera, fast scanning performance, bright screen and plenty of connectivity options make the H-28 andH-29 ideal for complex tasks. The Octa-core processor ensures fast performance no matter the application. On top of that, both the H-28 and H-29 come with an NFC chip that enables
wireless communication and synchronization with other devices. The devices have a high-capacity battery and a power supply.

Additional items, such as an extended battery, a cradle, a stylus and a bumper (H-28 only) can be ordered separately.

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