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Escher Group

Never have so many e-commerce and retail trends converged to dramatically reshape the postal industry. You know the challenges posts face when responding to today’s demands using yesterday’s technology. Meeting the expectations of the modern consumer who values speed, convenience and simplicity, while containing rising costs and diversifying service to drive revenue gains, makes the difference between thriving and just getting by.

This is why posts rely on Escher. The company powers the world’s first- and last-mile deliveries, helping posts connect nearly one billion consumers with global e-commerce networks.

Escher will host a booth at this year’s show, where it will present live sessions and offer one-on-one consults, and more. Visit to learn about the latest innovations in modern retail networks, advanced retail and delivery analytics, enhanced parcel automation, on-demand postal service, integrated first- and last-mile delivery solutions that help you capitalize on e-commerce, digital services, financial inclusion, and more.

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