Products on Show

Divert sorter and telescopic conveyor

Lodamaster Grup has extensive experience in integrating and manufacturing postal, parcel and e-commerce sortation systems and telescopic conveyors using simple, efficient, space-saving designs. The company will show its divert sorter and telescopic conveyor at the expo.

These high-speed packet and parcel sortation systems offer a practical solution by enabling sorting directly to postal containers, reducing the movement and handling required to complete the sort. The flexibility of these sorter systems helps save time, cut costs through reduced labor hours and improve sorting accuracy.

Lodamaster telescopic conveyors offer the safest, fastest, most affordable way to reach inside the vehicle for loading and unloading operations. These standard telescopic conveyors have a base length of six or seven meters and an extended length of 13, 19 or 22 meters; upon request, the company can produce non-standard dimensions.

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