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New electric three-wheel vehicle
Gaius Automotive Inc

Gaius’s first product, the Rapide 3 heavy-duty, commercial-use electric three-wheel vehicle, will be available at the end of 2021.

With the rigors of urban transport in mind, Rapide 3 is designed to be both highly functional and a pleasure to ride. It is equipped with a large cargo box that carries up to 800 liters or 200kg of payload, and it can effectively meet consumers’ increasing expectations of faster deliveries. Rapide 3 can cruise at up to 95km/h thanks to its 12.3kW peak power. It comes with two battery sizes, providing range from 105km to over 150km based on the rigorous delivery cycle test conducted with Taiwan’s post office.

To achieve a high level of safety, Rapide 3 is designed to tilt into turns for optimal traction, maneuverability and balance even with a full load, using a unique 30º tilting system that makes cornering effortless and stable, even at high speeds. The vehicle is only 1m wide and 2.5m long, making it the most agile and functional upgrade to logistics fleets. The front 17in wheel and dual 13in rear wheels make Rapide 3 suitable for rough roads and harsh weather. Standard equipment includes anti-lock braking system (ABS), combined braking system (CBS), front and rear DVR, blind-spot warning system and reverse camera to help the rider respond to varied situations.

Gaius has implemented an intelligent charging scheduling system to ensure that all vehicles in a large fleet are fully charged on time. The system also monitors the parking site’s energy capacity and sends alerts to fleet managers when there is abnormality during charging. As digital transformation has changed the way that enterprises manage their fleets, Gaius has developed a comprehensive fleet management system that shows up-to-the-minute location, daily energy consumption, and maintenance and repair information about every Rapide 3 in the fleet. This system can seamlessly integrate with existing management systems via an application programming interface (API).

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