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Compact and powerful last-mile vehicle

PilotCar, which produces vehicles with environmentally friendly technologies, introduces the P-1000 model. The P-1000, which impresses those who see it with its powerful and stylish design, provides great convenience in logistics operations. With its compact structure and minimal dimensions, it makes the difference in last-mile delivery with its low cost and high performance. The 100% electric motor produces high torque at 55km/h while the cabin offers the driver a wide area of comfort with functional interior design to meet your every need. The cabin has been designed for the best protection in the event of a collision, with its energy-absorbing, lightweight and robust body structure. Produced with quality materials and flawless workmanship, the P-1000 promises a comfortable ride to its driver.

With a license plate and a compact structure, the P-1000 is compatible with city traffic. Additionally, it can enter narrow streets with its superior climbing and maneuvering abilities, making it advantageous in all conditions. PilotCar asserts that its optimal design makes the P-1000 the greatest assistant in industrial areas. With its dimensions, carrying capacity and different chassis features, it provides ease of service in many areas such as industrial facilities, shipyards, airports and postal/courier services. The stylish P-1000 was designed with all its details to be an indicator of the cab’s strength and durability.

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