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Optimizing transportation operations

Kardinal supports logistics players in the digitalization and optimization of transportation operations. It provides its clients with solutions dedicated to optimizing operational performance for more efficient, agile and sustainable logistics.

Kardinal’s route optimization solution helps any company plan and execute its rounds in the best way possible. Based on proprietary algorithms, it provides advanced modeling capabilities that allow it to take into account even the most specific customer constraints.

Its key differentiator is its continuous running mode, allowing operational staff to quickly correct invalid data, adapt to ever-changing environments and manage unexpected events in real time.

For parcel delivery companies, route optimization requires agility in sorting parcels, which is sometimes incompatible with classic depot processes. This is why these actors use geographic sectorization, based on administrative divisions and on their operators’ expertise. Territory analytics and optimization supports users in defining the best geographic sectorization for their depots based on accurate and reliable KPIs resulting from the analysis of historical data.

The technology allows users to review the performance of current sectorization and evaluate the impact of local modifications, optimize operating costs by calculating the optimal sectorization of an area depending on activity and fleet of available vehicles, track activity on the map to identify current hot spots and anticipate the purchase of additional resources, and simulate changes in a fleet of vehicles or activity and see the potential impacts on performance.

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