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New verification technologies
3DTIM Elektronik (BeeVision)

BeeVision invests in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in every aspect of warehouse automation and will showcase the new AI-powered BeeVision 182 static dimensioning system, BeeVision 190 dynamic dimensioning system and the connected BeeHive cloud solution. With the BeeHive Intelligence System, the dimensioning results from BeeVision dimensioners gain extra meaning. BeeHive provides the optical character recognition (OCR) results of the labels on the packages and also the optimum box size and pallet placement in the vehicle trailers thanks to AI-based advanced algorithms.

As a result of a strategic partnership with the Microsoft Azure Depth Program, BeeVision will also introduce the new BeeVision 272 pallet dimensioner based on the depth sensing technology of Microsoft and providing unmatched accuracy in pallet measurement while still being affordable.

In addition, BeeVision will showcase the new BeeSort parcel sorter, an affordable automation system designed to sort parcels, bags and envelopes to 2-20 chutes. BeeSort employs BeeVision dimensioners and BeeVision barcode readers with a unique harmony between hardware and software coming from a single provider.

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