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Effortless bulk-flow elevation

Efficiently transporting a large load of goods up or down is challenging in any circumstance. But when space issues are part of the equation, it becomes even more difficult.

An end user had been transporting all the goods manually and wanted to increase performance without redesigning a big part of its layout. There are always multiple solutions to a problem. Most of them will do the job, but choosing the one that fits your specific needs will give you the edge over your competition.

This solution needed to elevate a bulk flow of more than 20kg/m, which meant that the only real options were an incline belt or a spiral elevator due to their continuous flow and ability to handle large amounts of products with ease.

Both options have their own merits. But as they needed to overcome a height difference of more than 5m, incline belts would have become too long to fit in the current design. Because the available space was limited, and the engineers weren’t too keen on redesigning the whole layout, only one option was left: a spiral conveyor. This option has the highest throughput and the smallest footprint of all possible solutions.

With a belt width of 1m, AmbaFlex’s SpiralVeyor SVe was the perfect fit, capable of effortlessly elevating this massive flow of goods. It achieved all of this with a single track, a unique grip configuration to keep all of the products stable and in place, and a seamless 500mm stainless-steel guide for safety.

Besides the standard advantages of a spiral design, AmbaFlex products are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain.

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