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Carrying options for last-mile deliveries
Lug Europa and Bag Pro

Bag Pro and Lug Europa design and manufacture three main types of solutions dedicated to the changing and growing last-mile delivery market: B2B boxes and satchels for parcels or food delivery, last-mile trolleys, and delivery bags and backpacks.

Bag Pro and Lug Europa are working alongside cargo bike, scooter and trailer manufacturers to develop B2B boxes and satchels for parcels and food delivery. These cargo modules offer different levels of security to ensure maximum flexibility for clients. Products are also customizable for high visibility in target markets.

A wide range of manual and electric trolleys have been specially designed to meet the new challenges of last-mile delivery in city centers. The carts are adapted to the delivery of parcels, mail, meals, shopping or newspapers.

The companies have developed several solutions designed to ease the daily life of couriers and postal carriers: postal satchels and food backpacks.

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