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Xstream: making parcels automation faster and more efficient

NPI is proud to exhibit its Xstream sorter at Parcel+Post Expo 2019. Xstream has the ability to sort parcels and flats to different bin destinations such as tubs, sacks and gondolas. With its ergonomic design, Xstream is the perfect parcel automation solution for any size of processing environment and can sort up to 30,000 parcels and flats per hour.

Xtream is perfectly suited to postal organizations, couriers, warehousing/distribution/ fulfillment operations, and other intralogistics applications.

Features include: a compact and scalable design; the ability to handle a variety of product sizes, shapes and weights (plastic, poly wrap, boxes, flats and most irregular pieces); multiple product and output options; integration with existing conveyor systems; and 24/7 service support options.

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