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Digital postal services's Digital Postal Services are a new generation of registered electronic communications designed for postal operators and couriers. Postal operators worldwide rely on SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to uncover new sources of revenue. From basic electronic proof of delivery service via SMS/email to a full suite of digital services, enables the postal sector to become a key player in the digital economy and of connected governments.

As a registered electronic communications provider with successful operations and agreements signed with postal companies in 14 countries, contributes to the digitization of postal services.

Public and private organizations need absolute and unquestionable certainty about the legal admissibility and admissibility of the delivery and content of their electronic communications, which a reliable and legally admissible witness must provide.

Organizations currently use digital communications, harnessing their current email, SMS, ERPs, CRMs and other digital infrastructures, and having these messages and documents registered and certified by a trusted, legally accepted witness in a country, namely the national post office powered by Digital Postal Services. is in partnership with several national postal service organizations, such as Emirates Post, 472 (Colombia Postal Services) South African Post, to name but a few, and has signed a framework agreement with PAPU - Pan African Postal Union.

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