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DAY 1: Geek+ demonstrates innovations in smart picking robotics

At Parcel+Post Expo for the first time, Geek+ demonstrated its smart sorting and picking technologies.

These solutions are designed to improve accuracy and efficiency of inventory processes through the use of AI. The technology takes approximately a day to install, for a range of costs – depending on size and demand of the location in which it is fitted.

The smart picking robot on show at the expo operates by following QR codes, which each have their own identity number. Daniel Moeller, team lead of solution engineering, explains, “For example, we tell the robot to move straight until you get to this QR code and then make a 90* turn.This is a very reliable and easy technology in comparison to when the robot is constantly scanning its environment for changes.”

The company’s use of smart algorithms allows this picking technology to optimize routes according to the exact location of items on the shelf. Moeller adds, “If you think about a picking station operator who wants to put the shelves that contain the fast-moving, important items, for example sale items, you want this item to be as close as possible to your picking station because then the travel distance is smaller.”

Vice president of Geek+, Markus Scheillinger, said, “We expanded to Europe in 2019, but then of course with Covid, we were not able to showcase here at the Parcel+Post exposition. However, now in 2021 we have over 2,000 robots in Europe.”

Geek+ is exhibiting at this year’s Parcel+Post Expo – register here for your free entry badge.

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