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Digitizing every datapoint

Anyline is empowering carriers to go ‘beyond the barcode’ with the launch of its new SDK (software development kit), which includes the most extensive suite of mobile data capture solutions for logistics and the last mile. While the last year saw a boom in e-commerce, it also experienced a bust in customer satisfaction. Research found that four in 10 US consumers had packages lost during shipping in 2020, and more than one in 10 reported items being stolen.

To close this perceived ‘accountability gap’, Anyline has developed a single solution that combines best-in-class barcode scanning with pioneering AI-enabled optical character recognition (OCR). This empowers workforces to provide enhanced, real-time visibility during deliveries by digitizing dozens of data points on the go. Using any standard smart device, carriers can scan package serial numbers, LOT numbers and bills of lading, vehicle license plates and drivers’ licenses, as well as recipient IDs for age and identity verification.

These solutions are easily integrated as an SDK into all major operating systems, delivering an instant upgrade to workforces’ existing mobile devices. Anyline data capture provides a mobile solution to enhance visibility, control and accountability from the warehouse floor to the customer’s front door.

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