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Eero Heinonen

Eero is executive VP of K.Hartwall Group, a global logistics house that is supporting parcel operators in improving logistics efficiency with material handling equipment, tugger trains and autonomous mobile robots. Eero is based in Germany and is responsible for the postal and logistics business unit which works with customers such as DHL, Royal Mail, Singapore Post and Australia Post.


Case study of tugger trains in parcel logistics

By moving from forklifts to the K.Hartwall LiftLiner tugger train, Posti group managed not only to increase its productivity by almost 40%, but also to increase the safety of its employees. One of Posti’s main focuses has always been to improve safety and efficiency within its sorting operations. Posti also identified reducing forklift traffic as a way to improve both the efficiency of its operations and the safety of its employees, “With the LiftLiner, we were able to improve our general safety by reducing unnecessary forklift traffic in our terminal, and at the same time, improve efficiency."