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Thomas Roggendorf

Thomas is a recognized industry leader who has transformed Curaçao Post into a global logistics supplier. He has worked in the financial services, tourism and logistic industries and has a demonstrated history of strong entrepreneurship. He has professional skills in negotiation, business planning, operations management, coaching and team building.


Digital transformation outside the postal sector generating new revenue streams

In 2018, Cpost International set a new horizon by adopting vision 2025 and a strategy based on rapid digital transformation of the post office. This resulted in the implementation of over 30 new applications, for example, self-service kiosks, warehouse systems, customs clearing systems, queuing systems, POS systems and all kinds of dashboards, to mention a few, all developed in-house. This was so successful that Cpost now actively sells these self-developed systems outside of the postal sector, for example, to the national telecom provider and a medical laboratory, thereby generating new streams of recurring income.