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Dianne Eldridge

At the beginning of 2021, Dianne Eldridge started her current position as Worldwide Business Development Leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Industrial AI/Machine Learning. Before this post, Dianne spent 21 years with Emerson, a global engineering and manufacturing Fortune 500 company, as Executive Director of Strategic Business Unit. Dianne had the global responsibilities of a multi-hundred-million-dollar manufacturing portfolio in the US, China, and Italy. She was part of the executive leadership team of the complete Actuation business. Previously, Dianne also worked as leaders of various functions in different world areas including Application Engineering in Canada, Business Development in Singapore, Operations, and Global Product Management in the US


Improve uptime with predictive maintenance for industrial equipment

Predictive maintenance is an effective way to avoid industrial machinery failures and expensive downtime by proactively monitoring the condition of your equipment so you can be alerted to any anomalies before equipment failures occur. However, this technology has historically been difficult to implement. In this session, learn how industrial customers can enable predictive maintenance and avoid downtime with AI services from AWS, with no machine learning experience required. Learn about how you can use AI and ML to improve uptime of industrial equipment. Hear how AWS customers are leveraging purpose-built industrial AI services from AWS to enable predictive maintenance