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New Workshop – PUDOs and Lockers: The New Power in The Last Mile

A new workshop for Parcel+Post Expo Conference attendees has just been announced: Following a highly successful ‘Understanding Amazon’ seminar at last year’s Parcel+Post Expo, this year Last Mile Experts’ Marek Różycki and Postal Hub Podcast’s Ian Kerr will present ‘PUDOs and Lockers: The New Power in the Last Mile‘.

“PUDO – pick up/drop off – and parcel locker networks are the new power behind first-time parcel delivery, and may be the panacea for many last-mile issues,” explains Różycki, who is managing partner of Last Mile Experts.

“Posts can strengthen existing networks, parcel carriers can increase capacity, and e-commerce companies can gain an advantage in the last mile,” he continues. Różycki will draw on his experience in setting up PUDO and locker networks to give workshop attendees the definitive guide to creating a first-class out-of-home delivery network.

The workshop will address a range of out-of-home and unattended delivery issues including: setting up PUDOs and parcel locker networks; transforming existing networks into high-performance, customer-centric delivery systems; the latest developments in parcel locker technology; carrier-specific versus carrier-agnostic; other unattended delivery modes; and the quest for better first-time delivery.

“The workshop will allow participants to review options applicable to their own company situation in groups – supported by experts in this field – and challenge and discuss findings of their own and other groups,” explains Różycki.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, October 1 from 9:00am to 12:30pm in Room 4. Spaces for the session are limited – to take part, you must pre-register using the online form here.

The workshop is free to Parcel+Post Expo Conference delegates.

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