Matrix camera, AGR and virtual warehouse

Visitors to the expo will be able to see Sick's new Lector85x image-based code reader, which is designed to have the highest reading performance for ultimate sort rates, less manual reworking and maximum throughput in logistics centers. The camera combines the latest imager and illumination technology as well as analysis tools in a compact device.

In addition, Sick will be presenting an automated goods receipt (AGR) system to enhance automation and transparency in the goods receipt process. Shipments are scanned by hand or conveyed through a reading tunnel, and based on the barcode information, warehouse locations are assigned. Correct placement can be monitored with the Tag-LOC localization solution. The collected data is also used for analytics and automatic pick-up notifications.

Sick also invites visitors to take a tour through the virtual warehouse, which will be on display at its Booth, to learn what else the company offers to automate the logistics warehouse.

Booth: 12.338

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