Autonomous robots and their co-workers
Prime Vision B.V.

At Parcel+Post Expo 2023, Dutch company Prime Vision, a global specialist in computer vision integration and robotics, will demonstrate its self-driving sorting robots and two of their co-workers: the flow projector and a conveyor system. Using the latest recognition, identification and robotics techniques, the company’s products work together with each other and with external systems to optimize the automation of sorting processes.

Best game
Prime Vision’s autonomous robots, called robins, are real team players and show their best game when combined with other systems like conveyors, automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and a multitude of computer vision and AI solutions. This year, the company will present a live demonstration of the robins driving around a conveyor, to pick up and drop off parcels. A flow projector will be installed to demonstrate projections of alphanumerical sorting destinations onto parcels. This enables workers to immediately see where a parcel should be sorted to, without having to read labels or deploy additional technology such as hand scanners. Prime Vision’s solutions are designed to make your logistics business more flexible, scalable and efficient. Sudden peaks in volumes and or staff shortages will no longer obstruct your daily operations.

Quick setup
The robotic sorting system is a low-threshold solution that can be set up in a short time. Recently, Prime Vision installed 700 of the robin robots across the US in just three months. It can also fully integrate with existing infrastructure and connect to IT systems. Developments to expand the robots’ task portfolio are ongoing, for example, for the robots to gather dimensioning data and process on-the-go changes of destination to reduce rejects. Physical aspects such as height, loading surface and sturdiness allow the robots to easily handle non-machinables up to 35kg.

Visit Prime Vision for a catch-up
After another year of innovation and development since the last Parcel+Post Expo, there is much to discuss with the Prime Vision team! The company encourages you to visit its booth, to discover new solutions in computer vision and robotics. Meet the team face-to-face in Amsterdam, October 24, 25 & 26!

Booth: 12.314

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