Future-fit intralogistics solutions
K. Hartwall Oy

K. Hartwall’s main goal is to create future-fit logistic solutions, whether that be AGVs, tugger trains or standard/bespoke cages to suit the specific needs of its customers. As a global leader with a track record in offering high-quality intralogistics equipment, K. Hartwall improves postal and parcel logistics by introducing innovative solutions that reduce manual handling and dependency on labor, two recurrent challenges within the global mail, 3PL and parcel industry.

This year, the company is showcasing solutions for the middle mile, including the innovative A-mate, one of the first fully electric free-lift pallet AGVs with omnidirectional drive. A-mate is an extremely versatile mobile robot that will introduce a new level of automation to intralogistics and the movements of different load carriers, from pallets to roll containers and foldable cages.

K.Hartwall is also showcasing a wide range of solutions such as dollies, foldable cages compatible with automation solutions including the A-mate, and nestable roll containers to support warehouse space-saving initiatives, along with cubic vehicle fill optimization.

Are you ready to make the next smart move in logistics? Visit K. Hartwall’s booth to discuss how to solve your biggest logistics challenges.

Booth: 10.122

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