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Alerts for delivery variations

nanoSense is a solution for tracking and generating alerts when events such as temperature or humidity variation or other incidents occur during delivery. As small as a USB key, it can easily be integrated anywhere.
What makes nanoSense unique is the data fusion and analysis of an array of sensors mixed inside a compact and connected device. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology enables wireless communication between nanoSense and other systems, while the NFC facilitates the pairing and identification of the device. The modules are customizable to adapt to different situations, enabling nanoSense to outdo a datalogger.

Features include temperature, humidity, vibration, movement and position detection; automatic detection and pairing with other devices via NFC; speedy BLE wireless data transfer; wireless charging technology (QI); enclosures in IP41 and IP65 varieties for outdoor and indoor use; and out-of-the-box and customizable data processing and data fusion.

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