AI-powered singulation
Körber Supply Chain Parcel Logistics

Visitors to Parcel+Post Expo will be able to find out more about the culling capabilities of Körber’s VarioPick – including quickly and reliably sorting out non-conveyables, and carrying out format and volume splits – which have proved themselves in the field.

Today VarioPick is more powerful. It can now automate another important task in the sorting process: the loading of an induction. The infeed is an area within the sorting process where operators are still required. Their task is to pick items from bulk and put them on an infeed belt as singulated parcels.

VarioPick can singulate parcels from a moving 2D bulk stream using an AI-based recognition system, an advanced control system and innovative gripper technology. The robot can pick one item per second at a conveyor speed of up to 1m/s. It is highly adaptable and can be easily trained to meet customers’ varying needs. VarioPick can grasp pickable parcels and transfer them – singulated and aligned – onto a conveyor for automatic induction into the sorting system.

Deep learning helps VarioPick precisely identify an object’s shape, size, packaging material and position and use this information to determine the optimal gripping point.

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