New technology to be launched at Parcel+Post Expo - but what is it?
Fives Intralogistics

Fives Intralogistics is excited to launch a new technology at Parcel+Post Expo 2019 – but all further information is strictly under wraps until the show! Antonella Gaverini, marketing and communication specialist, intralogistics at Fives Group, says, “We have selected your exhibition in Amsterdam to showcase this brand-new technology as it is the best place and time to launch it.”

The company will also display its new GENI-Feed, an automated induction line that transfers parcels to the sorter at higher speed and greater accuracy. The technology enhances production uptime and provides excellent performance rates.

GENI-Feed can handle parcels of up to 1,500 x 800 x 800mm fully automatically and reduces noise emissions to 65dBA thanks to its electric brushless motors. Each motor is mounted directly on the conveyor shaft with no need for a transmission belt.

Combined with the GENI-Belt sorter, the power saving is up to 40% compared with the previous generation of Fives’ induction line.

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