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New verification technologies

At Parcel+Post Expo 2021, Loqate will showcase its new verification technologies, including the latest iteration of its Address Capture solution.

Loqate is making it easier for businesses to find their customers, using the new features, better data and more advanced search functionality now available in its type-ahead Address Capture solution. Combining the latest technology and the best address and geocode data available, businesses can reach further beyond borders, even in emerging and hard-to-address markets. Users get access to more addresses in fewer keystrokes, in more global markets, with more flexibility to meet customers’ needs.

Address Capture has five new features. First, multi-language and character input with Unicode support means users can enter their addresses in their own native language, improving online UX and increasing global reach. Second, the latest version of Address Capture offers location biasing: by detecting the user’s location, the nearest matching addresses are presented first, meaning customers receive a precise address match in as few as three keystrokes. Third, Loqate has introduced advanced results filtering, allowing users to accept or restrict certain record types or addresses based on custom parameters such as zip code, city or state. Fourth, fuzzy matching enables businesses to obtain the correct address information, even when customers make a mistake, resulting in reduced admin, better delivery efficiencies and lower costs. Finally, with the next generation of address capture, the company has combined and cleansed data from multiple sources, providing customers with even better data – 150% more street data and 151% more zip codes are now available.

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