Complete end-to-end smart locker solution

Since’s inception, a software-centric approach has allowed it to create one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

Developed and built with agnosticism in mind from the start, it offers a complete end-to-end smart locker solution, from hardware production through the manufacturing partners’ network to a comprehensive software solution for real-time diagnosis, statistical analysis and more efficient maintenance.

By enabling a high degree of customization at a local level, covers all the steps to deploy a successful smart locker solution that can be applied across different industries, use cases and open or closed networks.’s collaboration with major clients such DHL and Vinted, the latter being one of the largest active smart locker projects of the moment, has cemented’s position as one of the main providers of smart lockers worldwide.

At this year’s expo, is presenting one of the first ever locker-to-locker services with its product for Vinted Go: the VLocker; the software layer solution for DHL, which brings the industry closer to standardization of smart locker software for couriers; and OS, which includes the API, vitals, front and dashboard.

Visit the booth and join the company in its quest to build the future of parcel lockers.

Booth: 11.138

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