Increase productivity with the synchronized tilting table

One of the obstacles to increasing productivity in postal and parcel operations is waiting time. Automated sortation makes it possible to increase productivity but there can still be waiting time when inducting articles - due to occupied tray-through items inducted on upstream induction point or recirculation. With the ever-increasing demand for robotization of manual processes, this waiting time becomes more apparent in the cycle time of the robot. When the tray is full, the robot or operator has to wait for the next available tray which means a loss of productivity. To tackle this problem, EuroSort has developed the synchronized tilting table (patent pending) and will be showing this at October’s Parcel+Post Expo.

The synchronized tilting table greatly improves the productivity of both humans and robots. The robot or operator places the article on the tilting table which in turn drops the article synchronized in a free spot or tray on the sorter. During the drop process, the operator or robot can already grab the next article and place it on the empty table again. This means that the picking process of the operator or robot is disconnected from the actual induction process. One operator or robot inductor can work in combination with multiple synchronized tilting tables to reach the highest possible productivity where only the picking of new items determines the induction rate.

At the show you will be able to see a live demonstration of the synchronized tilting table and experience first-hand how a robot and a sorter can work together. Visit EuroSort’s booth to find out more.

Booth: 11.226

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