Digital advertising and smart lockers combined

VaultGroup, one of Africa’s largest electronic locker suppliers, offers an all-encompassing hardware and software solution for various smart locker applications and will be at Parcel+Post Expo to showcase its PopVault lockers.

With PopVault there is an opportunity to create an added revenue stream while offering a value-added service to customers by displaying digital advertising on the LED locker doors. Users also benefit from the full functionality of a traditional electronic smart locker.
PopVault provides the advertiser with access to real-time engagement analytics and reporting using its AI measurement solution. Video analytics and reporting metrics include age, gender and viewing time. Content can be managed via a mobile or desktop app – enabling changes to be made from anywhere.

The company’s software as a service (SaaS) platform for locker usage allows seamless integration via APIs, giving operators the freedom to use any software customized to their business logic, and its fully functional simulator ensures that strategies can be planned and tested virtually.

The lockers are available as single or double towers, giving the option to have various sized lockers. Visit the company’s Booth to find out more.

Booth: 11.107

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