Compact tugger trains increase efficiency

K.Hartwall will present for the first time the LiftLiner, a tuggertrain that can deliver several loads to multiple destinations in parcel sorting center operations, reducing the need for manual or forklift transports, thereby increasing logistics efficiency.

The LiftLiner is the most compact tugger train on the market. Its innovative coupling system offers unmatched tracking and capability for tight U-turns even in very narrow aisles. Additionally, the design allows for safe and ergonomic loading from both sides.

K.Hartwall will also display an effective alternative to loose loading – a new ergonomic parcel cage that is suitable for automatic tipping. The cage has a higher cubic fill, meaning fewer deliveries and faster loading and unloading. This leads to shorter throughput time and better vehicle utilization for lower fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and costs.

K.Hartwall’s expertise is in the improvement of parcel logistics through design and manufacture of innovative returnable load carriers, tugger trains and associated services. The company works closely with major postal and parcel operators to improve logistics flow.

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