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Sortation system optimization
Beumer Group

Beumer Group will show how the latest automation and IT technology can bring great benefits to the post and parcel industry.

Techniques such as 3D visualization, machine learning and data analytics can help achieve greater sortation system optimization, availability and capacity. Visitors to Beumer Group’s booth will see data analysis in action, enabled through access to real-time data from every section of the sortation system for detailed inspection of material flows. Based on a digital twin of the sorting system design, analysis of parcel flow and routing offers insights to improve workflow, productivity and business processes. These technologies also allow operators to apply smart filters, such as color codes, which help to identify bottlenecks and enable faster analysis of historical data.

Digitalization of sorting centers – the process of gathering enormous amounts of data from a center and storing it digitally – paints a picture that no amount of direct observation can ever see. It gives an exact overview of operations and keeps an eye on how well the system is operating.

Without necessarily having to change the physical layout of their sortation systems, distribution centers can benefit from data capture, analytics and other digitalization efforts to optimize operations, such as throughput and availability of the system. Analysis can reveal more insights and prompt the operator to adjust the operation or equipment. The result is a transparent distribution center where experience can be combined with data to enable patterns to be recognized – something the human eye alone could never do. The bottom line is higher throughput, reduced operational risk and lower cost per parcel.

Beumer is already working with CEP operators around the world, using these technologies and enabling them to monitor their systems, predict errors, carry out maintenance before problems occur, and assess and track productivity.

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